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Invest in Us

Like many nonprofit organizations, Dem Village, Inc. relies on people like you for support. Whether you want to make a monetary donation or volunteer your time with our organization, we appreciate your help.


It takes money to fund all of our activities, so your financial donations will help us achieve our goals. We use your donations to cover expenses related to materials for arts and crafts, teachers, craftspeople, and chaperones for the field trips that we take. Your monetary assistance will also help us continue to build a foundation upon which the organization will grow. Another great way that you can help fund our cause is by purchasing one of our music CDs from the Fanoko Singers.


At Dem Village, Inc., we are always looking for people who are willing to lend a hand as a volunteer. Just stop by, call, or email us if you can assist with arts and crafts, teaching classes, or imparting information. We will also need chaperones during our field trips to Washington DC, where we will visit the Smithsonian museums, the African museum, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. We would also be grateful for your help on our planned excursion to Ghana.