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Winston Waddington Fraser, Esq.


The Father, Husband, Lawyer, the Man.

Winston Waddington Fraser was an astute immigration attorney who championed for the rights of his clients, especially those wrongfully victimized by the system. As an immigrant, Winston was well aware of the difficulties experienced by the immigrant population, and, as such, he focused on bringing families together as quickly as possible. 

Whenever a client was arrested, regardless of the time of day, Winston would act immediately to secure his client’s freedom.  Throughout his career, Winston lived and practiced primarily in New Jersey, but also operated an office in New York City with a group of attorneys.  


He was a successful businessman and real estate investor.  As a member of the community, Winston was held in high esteem.  He was a philanthropist in his own right and supported many organizations, including Christ Episcopal Church and the Belladrum Association of North America.  To his friends and family, Winston was a trailblazer, a leader, a counselor, a mentor, a pillar of strength, an entertainer, and his home was a destination for fun.  


To his wife and children, he was an ideal husband, father, and grandfather. 

This extraordinary man was born on November 22, 1943.  Winston entered this world as the fifth child born to George Lionel and Edna Charlotte Fraser at Eldorado Village, West Coast Berbice, Guyana.  


It is from these humble beginnings that much of his remarkable character and lifelong interests were formed.  During these formative years, he was taught to do the usual house chores like cooking, cleaning, gathering firewood for cooking, fetching potable water for household use, tilling the kitchen garden, etc.  Winston was an avid outdoorsman.  



As a boy, he enjoyed many outdoor activities, but his favorite activity was fishing with his brothers and friends – an activity that almost cost him his life when he fell asleep on a sand mound at the edge of the seashore.  As the tide changed, he was surrounded by water and was forced to swim ashore.  Another character trait he honed during this season of his life was his skill of innovation.  


As the story goes, Winston dabbled as a boxer but lacked the appropriate equipment.  Not to be discouraged, he sought a solution.  To address this limitation, Winston approached a local tailor to sew him a pair of boxing gloves using available materials.  He adopted a similar approach to other adventures.  For example, he and his friends used coconut tree branches and pieces of wood to make bats and balls for their cricket games.  




Many of the skills and activities from his childhood would become lifelong hobbies.  Winston was known for his cooking (especially childhood favorites, shine rice and fish braff), gardening in his backyard, fishing trips to the Jersey Shore, and engaging in hour-long tennis matches in the park.  


Education and Career Achievements


Winston began his educational journey at St. Albans Anglican School (now Belladrum Primary), where he completed his foundational education and primary school certificate.  It is during these years at St. Albans that he acquired the nickname “Largie.”   


Winston enrolled as a student at Tutorial High School in Georgetown, where he spent four years reading for the Ordinary Level of the General Education Certificate (GCE) Examination.  His tenure and success at Tutorial High School would change the trajectory of his life. 


Following his success at the GCE exams, Winston was offered employment as a temporary Math teacher at Tutorial High - a position he held for about three months.  Next, he secured a permanent position at the MU (Mechanical Utilities) Stores at the McKenzie Bauxite Company, Linden, Upper Demerara River.  


His stay in Linden was short, as he was accepted to Howard University (USA) to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry.  Winston moved to the USA and started as an undergraduate at Howard in the fall of 1965.  While living in Washington DC, he worked for The Redskins, the NFL home team for the Washington metro area.  This team would become his favorite football team for life.  


Winston graduated from Howard University in 1969 and moved to New Jersey after securing a Fellowship in Chemistry at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).  Winston left NJIT to work as a pharmaceutical representative for CIBA-Geigy Pharmaceuticals (currently, Novartis Pharmaceuticals).  While at CIBA-Geigy, he enrolled in Seton Hall University’s Law School in his quest to become a lawyer – fulfilling a promise he made when he left Guyana.  


He graduated from Seton Hall in 1974, was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1975, and resigned from CIBA-Geigy to join the law firm, White, Crawford, and Fraser.  Winston eventually started his law practice to focus on immigration and real estate cases, which would remain his specialty until he retired in 2001.


Love, Friendship & Family


While living and working in New Jersey, Winston met Ms. Phyllis Denbow, a fellow Tutorial High School alumnus. This meeting led to the renewal of friendship, blossomed into courtship and love, and culminated with marriage in 1970.  


This loving union produced two wonderful, loving, and caring children, Brian, a graphic design engineer, and Stephanie, a registered nurse.  Stephanie would give Winston his first grandchild, Melanie.  

On April 22, 2020, this devoted family surrounded Winston Waddington with love as he transitioned from this world – the sunset of a life well-lived. 


Winston, God saw that you were getting tired, and a cure was not to be, So he put his arms around you and whispered, ‘Come to me,’ With tearful eyes, we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest.


God broke our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the BEST.

Frances and Kathleen Coelho

Survived By

Winston was preceded in death by his parents, George and Edna Fraser, and brothers, Owen, Nelson (Terry), and George Jr.   


Along with Phyllis, Brian, Stephanie, and Melanie, Winston leaves to mourn his brothers Ronald, Leon, Michael and Carlyle Fraser.


His sisters: Eudelene Crawford, Cecile Mercurius, Lolette Caesar, and Celene James.  


His brothers-in-law:  Carl Denbow, Philbert (Ranny) Castello, Leroy Denbow,  Clarence Mercurius, Norman Caesar, and Winston James. 


His sisters-in-law: Gloria Fraser, Waveney Fraser, Robabel (Hannah) Fraser, Gale Fraser and Iris Johnson. 

His adopted sister: Icil (Cil) Smith

His nieces and nephews: Gillian Fraser, Carol Felix, Nelson (Terry Jr.), Jackie Morris, Nyal Fraser, Nyjel Fraser, Karen (Ann) Fraser, Andy Fraser, Dr. Tonia Fraser-McKoy, Wycliffe Crawford, Chaundelle  Crawford, Jewel Mercurius, Kayron Mercurius, Kerwin Mercurius, Jason Fraser, Justin Fraser, Kevin Fraser, Rawle Shanks, Onieka Sutton, Odonna Fraser, Dr. Rheaclare Fraser-Spears, Crystal Fraser, Carlos Fraser, Chenelle Sinclair, Owen James, Marcia James, Lester James, Bert James, Errol George and others, Cheryl Wallace, Judith Wilder and others, Edwina Nwankwo and others, and Debbie Castello and others.  His many great nieces and nephews and their children. 


His aunt: Candacy Waldron (nee Lyle) 


His many godchildren. 


His many relatives: The Frasers, Daniels, Grenvilles, Mackenzies, Josephs, Duffs, Whinfields, Amsterdams, Ricketts, Reynolds, Fordyces, Nobles, Adams, Wilsons, McPhersons, Fredericks, Robertsons, Andersons, Chapmans, Semples, Mingos, Wades, Georges, Sears, Abrams, Mitchells, Pellews, and others.


His friends: John Lacon, Leon Mingo, Wilton Noble, Edward Mitchell, Kingsley Tyndal, Dr. James Cort, and others. 

Winston will be missed dearly and remembered lovingly.  

May his soul rest in eternal peace. 

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